5 reasons to visit Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, offers its visitors a wide and exciting range of amenities and entertainment, making this beautiful city one of the most exciting in Europe. Here we present you with just five of the many reasons why you should visit Madrid:

1. It is the sunniest of all the European capitals

Madrid holds this title thanks to its great weather. It has more than 1,880 hours of sunshine through-out the year. This makes it easy to make outdoor plans ahead of time, to include, for example, a simple stroll in the Retiro Park, or in the Casa de Campo, or away from the city to the surrounding country-side in the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains.

Madrid - Casa de Campo
Photo: TeeFarm – Pixabay

2. Art and culture

Madrid has much to offer in the field of culture. The crowning glory is the Prado Museum, one of the most important galleries in the whole world. It houses paintings by famous Spanish artists, as well as many treasured works by world-famous artists. However, there are other museums, art galleries and beautiful buildings to visit, including the Reina Sofia Museum, the Thyssen-Bornernisza, and the Sorolla Museum, dedicated to the works of the Spanish impressionist painter Joaquin Sorolla.

Museo del Prado - Madrid
Photo: donfalcone – Pixabay

3. The city that never sleeps

If you consider yourself a night-bird or a party animal, Madrid offers you a wide variety of interesting activities. You will find a wide choice of theatres, offering both drama and musicals, concerts, pubs, cafes and night-clubs. This vibrant night-life is matched by things to do during the day! Every neighbourhood offers something different, ranging from the more alternative atmosphere of Malasaña to the more trendy districts of Huertas, or Chueca, the centre of the LGTB community. It is easy to find an activity to suit all tastes, day-time or night-time.  If you are indeed a night-bird and find yourself coming back in the early hours, don’t forget to stop along the way for the traditional chocolate and churros.

Nightlife in Madrid
Photo: Free-Photos – Pixabay

4. Food, cañas and tapas

When talking about Spain, you cannot miss mentioning food, especially the famous tapas. “Tapear” is almost like an national sport in Spain and the best way to experience it is with friends, drinking “cañas” (half pints of beer), and discovering new bars and “terrazas” all around the city. You will find traditional food from every region in Spain. The local specialties are cocido madrileño (soup and chickpea stew) and the popular bocadillo de calamares (squid panini).

Madrid Bars
Photo: Life-of-pix-Pixabay

5. The people

This a very particular reason to visit Spain. Its people are kind, cosmopolitan and genuine.  Visitors will find there the essence of Spanish traditions, culture and lifestyle. You will find that Madrilenos speak Spanish with a neutral accent that is easy to understand. If you have a basic knowledge, you will have no trouble making your way around the city. It is a good place to practise all those Spanish words and phrases you have been learning. This is the place to use them.

Madrid. Barrio de las letras
Photo: A. Lago

What are you waiting for? Come to Madrid!

(Header photo: A. Lago)

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