Frequent questions

What is the difference between us (The Pack) and an agency or a language school?

Not only do we offer a language course and accommodation, but much much more! We offer you a truly immersive experience, to practise the language in different settings, meet people, interact with native speakers and to get to know the country, city, the people and the culture.

How long are the language immersion trips?

Our trips last 5 to 7 days and they all start on a Sunday.

What is the minimum and maximum of people that can enrol on a trip?

The groups consist of a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 10.

What is the difference between the budget, standard, and deluxe packs in Madrid and Edinburgh?

The only difference is the accommodation.  We work with the best hotels and hostels located right in the heart of the city. Our partners offer high-quality and great comfort to their guests. The language lessons and activities are the same.

I already have a place to stay, can I still join?

Of course! If you have a place to stay, you can also join our Packs to enjoy the language classes + activities.

Is the flight ticket included in the price of the Pack?

The flight ticket is not included in the Pack. We recommend you not to buy your flight tickets until we give you the thumbs up.

Is the transfer from the airport included in the price?

No,  but it can be arranged for an extra cost.

Is the travel and health insurance included in the price of the pack?

No, it is not included.  We recommend you to either apply for the European Health Insurance Card or to get travel insurance that covers the length of the trip.

How do I pay for the Pack?

The payment is made via bank transfer.

How do I sign up for a Pack?

Contact us and we will send you detailed information about our next trips, terms and conditions, cancellation policies and steps to follow to book your Pack.

How do I know which is the appropriate level for me?

We will send you a test to complete and the result will determine your level. We could also arrange an oral test by Skype video call.

What are the levels of the language classes?

Your language skills and knowledge will determine at which level you are and the lessons will be designed to meet your needs.

How old are the participants?

People of all ages can join our language immersion programmes. Wherever possible, we try to match participants of similar age and interests, so there will be trips for young participants, adults and mature students (+50).