Frequent questions

What is the difference between us (The Pack) and an agency or a language school?

Not only do we offer a language course and accommodation, but much more! We offer you a truly immersive experience, to practise the language in different settings, meet people, interact with native speakers and to get to know the country, city, the people and the culture.

How long are the language immersion trips?

Our trips normally last for a week (7 nights). The Road Trips can have a slightly longer duration (7-8 nights). If you have a different availability, contact us and we will design your trip.

What is the difference between our Packs and Road Trips (Trails)?

Our Packs (Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid, Asturias and Edinburgh) last between 5 to 7 days and the group will only stay in one hotel, whereas the Road trips (Spanish language Trail and Andalusia Trail) can last longer (7-8 nights) and we will stay in at least two hotels in two different cities.

What is the minimum and maximum of people that can enrol on a trip?

The groups consist of a minimum of 5-6 people to a maximum of 12-15 depending on the trip.

I already have a place to stay, can I still join?

Of course! If you have a place to stay, you can also join our Packs to enjoy the language classes + activities.

Is the flight ticket included in the price of the Pack?

The flight ticket is not included in the Pack. We recommend you not to buy your flight tickets until we confirm that the trip selected goes ahead.

Is the transfer from the airport included in the price?

No,  but it can be arranged for an extra cost.

Is the travel and health insurance included in the price of the pack?

No, it is not included.  We recommend you either apply for the European Health Insurance Card or get travel insurance that covers the length of the trip. It is a requirement that you must arrange adequate holiday insurance or independent traveller protection on your own behalf.

How do I pay for the Pack?

The payment is made via bank transfer.

How do I sign up for a pack?

Contact us and we will send you detailed information about our next trips, terms and conditions, cancellation policies and steps to follow to book your trip.

How do I know which is the appropriate level for me?

We will send you a test to complete (to check the level of grammar) and, if necessary, we can also chat via Skype/Zoom to check your speaking and listening skills. Your language skills and knowledge will determine at which level you are. These tests are not an exam, just a couple of ways to assess the level of our participants.

What are the levels of the language classes and how do you accommodate different levels of Spanish/English speaking ability?

When participants fill in the booking form, they are asked about their level, the number of years studying the language, what do they find most difficult to learn, what are the areas they would like to work on or improve upon during the trip etc. Language classes will be designed to meet the needs of all participants.

Are all levels suitable to participate in a language immersion?

In order to get the most from this experience, it would be helpful if participants had previous knowledge of the language. However, ability isn’t important as we will try to tailor the class for every level.

What if I am a bit scared /not secure while speaking the target language?

We always encourage our participants to relax and enjoy the whole experience. During the trip you will always be accompanied by two native speakers so we can easily split classes or conversations into groups, giving every member an appropriate and challenging level of participation. In previous immersion trips we had participants who lacked confidence in their ability.  However, once the full immersion started, this quickly changed and these were the students speaking the target language most of all!

How old are the participants?

People of all ages can join our language immersion programmes. Wherever possible, we try to match participants of similar age and interests, so there will be trips for young participants, adults and mature students (+50).

What measures do we take to prevent transmission of COVID on our trips?

Our main priority is the safety of our participants. We guarantee that safety guidelines and recommendations by leading health authorities are adhered to at all times. We will provide updated information regarding health regulations close to the date of our trips to ensure a safe and happy holiday.