Language immersion programme in Madrid

  • 12 hours Spanish course
  • Welcome kit and learning material
  • Special welcome and farewell dinners
  • Daily lunch in local restaurants with teachers
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Tickets + transport

The city of Madrid

There is a popular saying in Spain which is from Madrid to heaven, referring to its beauty and all the great things that this city offers.
If you have never been in Madrid, this could be your big chance.

The capital of Spain is a modern, vibrant city, maintaining the essence of its history and traditions. For these reasons, we believe that Madrid is an ideal place to immerse oneself in its culture, beauty and especially

the Spanish language. Often called the city that never sleeps, Madrid offers a unique opportunity to discover vibrant nightlife, bustling neighbourhoods, in addition to world-class museumsart galleries and a rich gastronomy.

The welcoming and friendly people plus the reputation for being the sunniest capital in Europe makes this a great choice to practise the Spanish language, whilst mingling with locals and visitors in the cafes, bars and other attractions.


The linguistic immersion of our Madrid Pack includes a total of 12 hours of Spanish classes taking place in the morning,
carried out by trained teachers with a wide experience of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish Course

Spanish classes from Monday to Thursday.

+ more than 25 hours
of cultural/social activities.

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With our language immersion trips, you will enjoy immediate benefits that will boost your language skills considerably: acquire new vocabulary, gain more confidence when speaking in Spanish, improve your communication skills and get motivated to learn a second language – thanks to our courses, taught by native teachers with extensive experience and to our cultural activities in which these skills can be used and taken forward in a natural context. This will allow you to acquire language more meaningfully and will give you the opportunity to really test your abilities.


Our courses are designed for people that have had a previous contact with the language and they want to improve their language skills in a Spanish environment while they enjoy the Spanish culture. The result is a total immersion while using the target language in a natural way. 


Staying in a good, central location is very important in order to make the most of this experience. This is why we have selected the best hotels and hostels located right in the heart of the city. Our partners offer high-quality and great comfort to their guests.
We offer three different types of accommodation so our participants can choose the option which best suits their needs and budget.

Budget accommodation

This is the perfect choice if you want to meet people and don´t mind sharing a room.

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Standard accommodation

Private or double room in a selection of small hotels and with an excellent location in the city.

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Deluxe accommodation

We select the best
hotels (three/four stars)
in the city

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Do you already have a place to stay in Madrid?

If you have a place to stay in Madrid, you can also get the Madrid Pack to enjoy our Spanish classes + activities.


Madrid is our city and we love to show it to visitors and friends. We have designed a programme with very interesting cultural activities as well as social events, with the main aim of improving the language skills of our participants while they put into practice what they learn during the classes.
You will also have free time to discover the city by yourself.

Some of our activities are:

  • Guided tour in the city
  • Visit to the Retiro Park
  • Excursions to nearby cities such as Alcalá de Henares or Aranjuez
  • Tapas tour
  • Cooking workshop
  • Getting to know Madrid’s most picturesque neighbourhoods


These are the dates for our next trips to Madrid.
Book your space now by filling our registration form.


···  JUNE 2021  ···

  5-night Pack: New dates coming soon

  7-night Pack: New dates coming soon

  5 nights Pack: From June 7th to June 11th, 2020

  5 nights Pack: From June 14th to June 18th, 2020

  7 nights Pack: From June 7th to June 13th, 2020

  7 nights Pack: From June 14th to June 20th, 2020

5-night Madrid Pack

Spanish course (12 hours)  Welcome pack and learning material  Daily lunch with teachers  Special welcome and farewell dinners Recreational and cultural activities   Transport  Entrance tickets

7-night Madrid Pack

Spanish course (12 hours)  Welcome pack and learning material  Daily lunch with teachers  Special welcome and farewell dinners Recreational and cultural activities   Transport  Entrance tickets Full day excursion & lunch  Tapas tourFlamenco show

The final price may vary depending on the time of booking, the week selected and the activities included in the programme.

There is an additional fee of £50 (registration/administration fee) to be paid on top of the total price.

How much it will cost me?

Calculate the price of your Madrid Pack according to your budget. You can choose between
the Pack of 5 or 7 nights and the type of accommodation.

Total from £

School groups

  • Tailor-made school trips
  • Entertaining and fun Spanish classes
  • Full board on a high quality hostel
  • Cultural activities according to age of the students
  • Excursions and wide variety of tours
  • Games and activities 100% in Spanish