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At The Pack · Language Experience we have selected the best activities, language classes, hotels, restaurants etc. You will only need to choose the pack that best suits you (number of nights, accommodation, and type of course – normal or intensive) and your pack will be ready to go!
It is very easy! Follow the steps and enjoy your language immersion trip.

1. I want to improve my English / Spanish

We offer language immersion trips to Madrid and Edinburgh to practice and improve the language.

2. Choose and create your own Pack

Choose dates, language course (normal or intensive), type of accommodation, and number of days (5 or 7 nights).

3. Contact and book your space

Fill out our booking form and we will send you detailed information and prices for your trip.

4. Pack and enjoy the experience!

We will take care of everything so just pack and enjoy this enriching language experience!



We will be happy to help you, by answering your questions and telling you everything you need to know to be able to enjoy your Pack.


Our packs are aimed at those with a previous knowledge of the target language (English or Spanish). It doesn’t matter if your level is low, medium or high, the only requirement is to have a minimum knowledge to make the most of the experience.

If you are an expert you can also improve your communication skills. We assure you that after spending 5 or 7 days with us, you will gain much more confidence when speaking and improve your level overall.

Our trips are suitable for those 18yrs and above. If you are under 18 or a group of students, contact us and we will tailor-make a trip to cater specifically to your individual needs.


What our clients say?

I really had an amazing week. The method Adrián used in my class was excellent, I have learned so much from this course and feel much more confident now. The choice of cultural activities and restaurants was just perfect. I thought the games and dynamics used were not only a very good way of developing oral expression but also really fun! I loved being part of the group, thank you so much for such a great week!

Marion S. ( United Kingdom )

It had been a while since I had gone to any language classes and I was pleasantly surprised at the closeness, sense of humor and the ease at which the teachers taught and really made it possible for people to enjoy themselves whilst learning.

Michael B. ( Ireland )

An excellent range of exercises and activities, ideal for any learning experience.

David Q. ( United Kingdom )

I highly recommend the Spanish immersion trip to Madrid, it is so much more than just a language course. The method used is fantastic, the material current and very interesting- the videos, games and activities really help reinforce what you have learned in class. In addition to the course, we also explored Madrid and its surrounding areas; the cultural and language immersion aspect was authentic and complete. I had been to Madrid a few times already but I had never visited some of the neighbourhoods, markets, bars and restaurants that I discovered on this trip. The organisers, Adrián and Ana, couldn’t have been more helpful and were always closely attentive to each student’s individual progress and needs. It was an amazing experience which I hope to be able to repeat next year.

Sheila M. ( United Kingdom )

I found all the classroom activities very useful, especially going over specific grammar rules. Being able to listen to the language straight from the mouths of native-speakers was somewhat challenging but a fantastic opportunity for me. The city of Edinburgh really is perfect for this type of trips and I loved having the chance to discover the city whilst improving my English.

Graciela S. ( Spain )

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