Language immersion programme in guadarrama

Guadarrama Pack
  • Accommodation in a 3 star hotel + breakfast
  • 8 hours Spanish course
  • Welcome kit and learning material
  • Daily lunch in local restaurants with teachers

  • Special welcome and farewell dinners
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Tickets + transport
  • Full day excursion


For all of those looking to spend a few days enjoying themselves whilst learning and practising Spanish in a unique environment surrounded by mountains, culture and history, we have put together our Sierra de Guadarrama – World Heritage Cities Pack.

The Sierra de Guadarrama is a mountain range which separates Castile-Leon from the province of Madrid. This area has beautiful nature reserves, great hikes for outdoor enthusiasts and a lot of history. Towns like San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where King Phillip II chose to build the Royal Monastery, can 

be found just 50km from the capital. Other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like Segovia with its Alcazar fortress and its thousand-year-old Roman aqueducts or Ávila, a city with some of the best-preserved medieval walls around. Due to its position as an entry point for reaching Madrid, this area

 was also of great importance during the Spanish Civil War. You can still see remnants of this difficult chapter in Spanish history here today. Nature, history, culture, local cuisine… just some of the many attractions of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Join our Pack and find out for yourself!


The linguistic immersion of our Sierra de Guadarrama - World Heritage cities Pack includes a total of 8 hours of Spanish classes,
carried out by trained teachers with a wide experience of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


Spanish classes.

+ more than 25 hours
of cultural/social activities.

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This course builds reading and listening comprehension and encourages interaction between students using dynamic exercises and texts that perfectly complement the other recreational activities run during the rest of the day. Lessons are designed so that the students will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language as well as the Spanish culture. In the lessons, various grammar aspects are addressed, focusing also on expanding vocabulary and encouraging discussion to build student confidence when expressing themselves in Spanish.


 The educational programme has been designed by qualified teachers with extensive experience in the educational field and is directed at Spanish language students with an intermediate (B1-B2) or advanced (C1-C2) level. Lower level classes can also be arranged. 


We have chosen San Lorenzo de El Escorial as the destination for our Sierra de Guadarrama Pack. A quiet town immersed in history, in a prime location and ideal for a language immersion programme. Participants will stay in a 3-star hotel in the town centre, just a few metres from the Monastery.

Hotel in Sierra de Guadarrama

Accommodation and breakfast included.

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Ask for detailed information about our Pack and enjoy Spanish classes + activities and excursions.


Each day after class, various activities are programmed to explore the surrounding areas of the Sierra de Guadarrama and different World Heritage cities- a great opportunity to practise Spanish. Our language tourism model assures students gain maximum benefit from their experience, being in contact with the language all the time.

Some of our activities are:

  • Excursions to Ávila and Segovia (World Heritage cities)
  • Ecological routes and walks in the countryside
  • Visit the Escorial Monastery
  • Participate in local traditions
  • Spanish Civil War tour
  • Local food tastings

Dates and prices

These are the dates for our next trips to the Sierra de Guadarrama.
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···   DATES 2022  ···

 5 nights Pack: From September 4th to September 8th, 2022
 5 nights Pack: From September 11th to September 15th, 2022

7 nights Pack: From September 4th to September 10th, 2022 
7 nights Pack: From September 11th to September 17th, 2022

 5 nights Pack: From Sept 4th to Sept 8th, 2022    
 5 nights Pack: From Sept 11th to Sept 15th, 2022

 7 nights Pack: From Sept 4th to Sept 10th, 2022
 7 nights Pack: From Sept 11th to Sept 17th, 2022


5-night accommodation in a 3-star hotelBreakfast  Spanish course (8 hours)  Welcome pack and learning material  Daily lunch with teachers Welcome dinner   Recreational and cultural activities  TransportEntrance tickets


7-night accommodation in a 3-star hotelBreakfast  Spanish course (8 hours)  Welcome pack and learning material  Daily lunch with teachers Welcome and farewell dinners   Recreational and cultural activities  TransportEntrance tickets 2 days of activities in sierra de Guadarrama

The final price may vary depending on the time of booking, the week selected and the activities included in the programme.

There is an additional fee of £50 (registration/administration fee) to be paid on top of the total price.