I am so glad I went on this course. The whole experience was so well prepared. The hand-out materials were really useful. The teaching was superb. The level of integration between the morning lessons and the activities was first class. I don’t want to give away any of the ideas but if you come on this course you will be in for some surprises when it comes to the activities associated with the language learning. Highly recommended.


STUART R. ( United Kingdom )   


  I did a Pack course in Madrid in 2017, and I enjoyed it so much, that I went back for the second time in June 2018. It was even better this year, with new learning materials, activities and cultural experiences all adding up to a great week. My confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish has definitely improved, and I would recommend this company to anyone keen to learn Spanish in an interactive and dynamic way.


SHEILA M. ( United Kingdom )   


”  I enjoyed the 2017 trip that I went back in 2018. So much more than the just the expert morning tuition sessions, it is total immersion in the Spanish language & culture, led by two enthusiastic, professional and personable native madrilenos, it is hard to see how the week could be improved. And it was a great holiday too!


DAVE Q.  ( United Kingdom )



 Five stars for the 5-day Pack Language Experience in Madrid this year which exceeded all my expectations. Total immersion with excellent classes and unique and unforgettable cultural visits and experiences. Highly recommended as a way of improving your Spanish while having a great time.  


ANNE W.  ( United Kingdom )



 An excellent week. The language teaching was of a very high standard indeed. The activities and excursions were well chosen. I would thoroughly recommend it.


MONICA E. ( United Kingdom )

   I attended a full week immersion Spanish course in Madrid with The Pack in June 2017. It was an incredible experience with friendly teachers, extremely well prepared and pitched classes, the discovery of the city. Truly recommend it!


CORINNE C. ( France )



 I recently spent a week in Madrid doing an Immersion Course in Spanish with the Pack. I had a fantastic time, as well as improving my Spanish. Mornings were spent in the classroom, where Adrián even managed to make the subjunctive tense fun! There were also related activities. Lunch each day was spent with the two teachers. Attention to detail was impressive. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in improving their Spanish, as well as learning more about the culture of this fascinating country.


KIRSTY C. ( United Kingdom )



 I enjoyed every part of the course so much, including the teaching in the mornings. As well as having a wonderful week I feel that I have learnt so much more Spanish. Thank you!


MARION S. ( United Kingdom )



 Undoubtedly one of the best, highest quality experiences I have ever had. More than lived up to its description of being total immersion in the language. It was fun, informative, well thought out, full of variety, challenging, rewarding, stimulating, socially engaging – everything a good learning experience should be. 


CHRISTINE D.  ( United Kingdom )



 I found all the classroom activities very useful, especially going over specific grammar rules. Being able to listen to the language straight from the mouths of native-speakers was somewhat challenging but a fantastic opportunity for me. The city of Edinburgh really is perfect for this type of trips and I loved having the chance to discover the city whilst improving my English.


GRACIELA S. ( Spain )