What is The Pack?

The Pack · Language Experience offers something different to those who would like to improve their level of English or Spanish. Nowadays, the number of academies, courses and methods of learning a language are endless. Based on our own experience, there is nothing better than a total language immersion in the place where that language is spoken. 


It may happen that you only have a limited amount of time to travel. For this reason, we offer the possibility of organizing trips and short stays from 5 to 7 days, where immersion is complete.


Our packs include language classes, accommodation and several cultural and social activities enabling the participants to keep practising out of the classroom and making the most of the experience. The result is an unforgettable week based on a new concept: Language tourism.

What does The Pack consist of?

Our name includes three concepts:

Meet & share

Meeting new people and sharing your trip with others is certainly very rewarding. We invite our participants to be part of our “pack” and reap its benefits.

All in one

You won´t have to worry about your trip. We offer a pack where the language course, accommodation and social and cultural activities are included.


Packing is the only thing you will need to do, so if you are ready, don´t wait… just pack and join us!

What destinations do we offer?

The language programmes take place in perfect locations for a truly immersive experience.

For those who want to improve their Spanish, there are several Packs to choose from;  our ever-popular Madrid Pack, The Asturias Pack – an ideal way to discover the North of Spain and the Sierra de Guadarrama Pack which includes visits to UNESCO World Heritage cities. 

If you want to improve your English, the capital of Scotland is the perfect spot for our Edinburgh Pack.

For our younger Spanish learners, we also organise school trips and language summer camps

Madrid Pack
Asturias Pack
Guadarrama Pack

What is included in our immersion programmes?

At The Pack · Language Experience we have selected the best language courses, teachers, hotels, restaurants and activities. You will only need to choose the pack, book your flight tickets and join us!

language classes
cultural activities
The Pack


Born in Madrid, Scottish by heart, we came to the capital of Scotland with the intention of having an affirming experience and improving our English. Today, 10 years later, we want others to enjoy our two beloved countries and at the same time improve their language level.
This is the aim of The Pack · Language Experience.

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Adrián Lago

I hold a degree in Journalism and a University Expert qualification in teaching Spanish as a second language. I have more than 15 years of experience in education, free-time and leisure activities coordinating end-of-year school trips, summer camps and language study trips abroad. My line of work encompasses classes for primary school children through to adolescents and adults of all ages. This has provided me with the skills necessary to understand and overcome the challenges associated with language learning and teaching.

Adrián Lago

Co-founder of The Pack · Language Experience

Ana Sanz

I am a Kindergarten Teacher and Educational Psychologist.  I consider myself to be a passionate educational professional. I have considerable experience in the field of children’s and adolescent´s free-time and leisure activities. I started off working together with a youth association organising recreational activities in different cities across Spain. In 2007 I moved to Edinburgh to help improve my communication skills in English, and since then I have gained extensive knowledge of the Scottish curriculum working for a variety of different schools there. I have also specialised in the development of curriculum adaptations for students speaking English as a second language.

Ana Sanz

Co-founder of The Pack · Language Experience

* Photo by Ludovic Farine.

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