Effective ways to practise and improve your English and Spanish

5 effective ways to practise and improve a language

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or a continuous desire to refine your foreign language skills, we’ve compiled 5 effective ways to practice and improve a language. Drawing from our own experience, immersing yourself in the country where the language is spoken proves to be the most efficient and rewarding method. That is the reason why we organize language holidays to various destinations for a full linguistic and cultural experience.

Here are some other methods that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to gain more confidence while using your target language.

1. Online Classes

Engage in small group conversation sessions for a weekly exploration of current news and topics. This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your speaking skills while socializing in a friendly environment. For those seeking a more personalized approach, we also provide one-on-one tuition to cover specific grammar areas and refine all communication skills.

2. Language learning apps

Many language learning apps can help you to achieve your goals of learning a foreign language. Probably, the most popular one is Duolingo, a gamified learning app that offers a wide variety of languages and uses a combination of listening, speaking and translation exercises. This app is good, especially for learning new vocabulary. Some other useful apps are Babbel, focused on practical language skills and real-life conversations, Rosetta Stone, (immersive approach through pictures, audio, and text), and Memrise with mnemonic devices and videos to help users remember vocabulary and phrases.

3. Podcasts

Make the most of the popularity of podcasts to enhance your listening skills. while walking, traveling, cooking, or doing sport.

If you want to practise Spanish, here are some podcasts that can help you: News in Slow Spanish, where you can choose the level and speed to listen to the news and current affairs about the arts & culture, politics, science etc. Coffee Break Spanish (lessons for learners of all levels with a variety of topics) and Spanish Podcast, another useful website where you will find lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

English learners can benefit from podcasts like BBC Learning English, with a diverse array of options, including podcasts like ‘6 Minute English’ and ‘The English We Speak,’ covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. The Moth is a captivating storytelling podcast where individuals share personal and real-life stories. It serves as an engaging method to enhance your English listening skills. Another podcast that we recommend is TED Talks Daily, where renowned speakers deliver talks on a broad spectrum of topics. These talks are ideal for enhancing your listening comprehension and providing thought-provoking topics for discussion.

Listening to music and podcasts are effective way to improving a foreign language

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4. Listening to music

Immerse yourself in the language by listening to music from singers or bands in the target language. Platforms like YouTube or Spotify provide lyrics, while websites like Lyrics Training turn song lyrics into interactive games, adding an element of fun to your learning.

5. Watch TV series and films in original versions

In a previous post, we advised you on how to practice your target language by watching films and TV series in their original version. Activate subtitles to follow the dialogue, expressions, and new words. Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney offer this feature, allowing you to practice both reading and listening skills simultaneously.

Extra tip: Explore our blog regularly for insightful articles aimed at improving your Spanish and English skills.

The opportunities for language practice are endless, giving you no excuse not to enhance your language proficiency. Whether you opt for online classes, apps, podcasts, music, or films, consistent effort will undoubtedly lead to progress. And if you seek a complete and fun language immersive experience, join us on our language holidays in Spain and Scotland.

Enjoy the journey of learning, improving, and mastering the language of your choice!


(Header photo: Karolina Grabowska – Pixabay )

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