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6 Reasons why you should travel with “The Pack”

We know that travelling is one of the things you miss most. This is why we would like to encourage you to travel again. Here are six reasons why you should travel with The Pack Language Experience.

1. Safety:

Our maximum priority has always been to ensure the safety and well-being of our participants and now, more than ever, this is even more important. The language holidays we provide adhere to the highest health and safety standards to make the trip both safe and enjoyable. We carefully follow travel advice from the UK and Spanish governments as well as offering total flexibility regarding modifications and possible cancellations.

2. Fewer numbers of participants:

One of the things which make us different is that we prefer quality over quantity. Our groups are smaller so that we can offer a more personalised experience. Our trips have a maximum of 12 participants and the group is always accompanied by two organisers who are both native speakers.  This guarantees full language immersion.

3. Authentic experiences:

We know our destinations inside out thanks to our intensive research of the area. On our language holidays, we always look for interesting and original activities to allow participants to discover the city and experience traditions like a local.

4. Tailor-made trips:

When a person shows interest in joining one of our packs, we ask for a little information about their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and the kind of activities they would be interested in during the trip. The aim is to put participants with similar age and interests together in order to make the most of the whole experience. Our language classes are also designed to make lessons appropriate to the needs and level of each participant.

5. Full language immersion:

A full and productive language immersion is the main purpose of The Pack Language Experience. We believe that being immersed in the language at all times is the most efficient and the fastest way to practise and improve a language. It is also the most rewarding way! Our participants interact with locals and discover many other aspects about the country, its culture and its traditions.

6. Support local businesses:

When you become part of one of our language immersion trips, you are supporting self-employed professionals who work hard to carry out this exciting project. We also support local and small businesses with our activities, excursions, accommodation and restaurants.

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To get to know more about how our language immersion trips, you can have a look at our frequently asked questions section. You can also read the reviews from previous participants by clicking here.

If you would like to be part of any of our future language holidays to practise and improve Spanish in Spain or English in Scotland, please get in touch and we will let you know how to book your space.

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Adrián Lago

I am a journalist and a Spanish teacher. I am passionate about travelling and learning other languages and I always try to relay this to my students.

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