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When it comes to learning and improving a language, every little helps. The more we use the target language, the greater the fluency.  From our experience, immersing in a country and its culture is the quickest and most effective way to improve your language skills. As you put your communication skills into practise, you also learn about the culture, traditions and gastronomy.  This full immersion is what we offer on our language holidays.

But we would also like to show you other ways to brush up your Spanish in case you can´t travel to the country.

Practise and improve your communication skills from the comfort of your home! Here’s how:

Small conversation online groups

It is always very rewarding to interact with others with similar interests. Nowadays we can do this easily thanks to modern technology. At the Pack Language Experience, we run several weekly guided conversation sessions through Zoom. A perfect way to hone your listening and speaking skills in a fun environment. You will gain confidence while expressing yourself in Spanish. The sessions have a small number of participants (from 3 to 5) to ensure everyone has the chance to talk. There are different levels to suit your ability. This is a great way to maintain and improve your level of Spanish and is highly recommended if you are planning to visit any Spanish speaking country or just to keep your skills up to date.  You´ll make friends too!

One-to-one Spanish online lessons

If you are looking for one to one tuition, we also offer private lessons tailor-made to your needs. Grammar is very important while learning a language and some parts can be a challenge for students. However, our one-hour lessons are engaging and fun thanks to the interesting material we use such as newspaper or magazine articles, videos and games so you can gain the most from your session.

TV series and films in Spanish

We would also recommend watching films or TV series in Spanish to help with your listening skills. You can start by using subtitles (in Spanish of course!) to make it easier to follow the plot.  Nowadays there is a wide range of TV series and films in Spanish available on different platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or HBO so, get your popcorn ready, lie on the sofa and start learning Spanish.

Books and articles in Spanish

Another useful tool for improving your Spanish is reading in the target language: newspapers, magazines, short stories or books. You will need to choose reading material carefully.  If you try to read something too complicated you might feel frustrated. However, if you choose the right book according to your level and interests you will enjoy reading. And there is nothing better than getting hooked by a good book!

At The Pack Language Experience, we love learning and teaching languages so, if you would like to improve your Spanish (or English) get in touch and we will offer you our best advice!

If you would like to receive more information about our group conversation sessions or one-to-one tuition, send an email to

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Adrián Lago

I am a journalist and a Spanish teacher. I am passionate about travelling and learning other languages and I always try to relay this to my students.

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