Differences between verbs quedar, encontrarse, conocer and reunirse

Have you ever wondered which verb to use in Spanish when referring to a meeting between two or more people? Sometimes, my Spanish students are unsure about which verb to use and what the differences are between “quedar,” “encontrarse,” “conocer,” and “reunirse.”

With this simple infographic, you can see the meaning of each verb and an example of how to use it correctly.

Infografía verbos en español quedar, encontrarse, conocer reunirse

In previous posts, we have discussed the differences in meaning between words such as “mayor,” “viejo,” “anciano,” and “antiguo.” We have also clarified other interesting points in Spanish grammar. If you need to expand your knowledge of Spanish, you can contact us to participate in our online classes or our language immersion trips.

(Header image: IA- Franz Bachinger-Pixabay)

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