Reasons to learn Spanish

7 reasons why you should learn Spanish

A New Year starts and it is the moment to think about New Year resolutions. Among the classic ones, the following are examples: people usually decide to join the gym; to give up smoking; or to learn a language. If this is one of your New Year Resolutions for this new year, here we give you 7 reasons to choose Spanish as your target language to learn or improve:

  1. Spanish is spoken by more than 477 million people all around the world. If we also include people who study Spanish as a foreign language, the number of Spanish speakers reaches 572 million.

  2. After Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the second mother tongue language and it is spoken in 21 countries.

  3. It is estimated that, from the five most spoken languages in the world (Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic) the number of people speaking Spanish will increase up to 754 million of people who speak this language as their mother tongue by 2050.

  4. In around 40 years from now, the United States will be the second Spanish speaking country after Mexico. One out of three residents will be Hispanic.

  5. There are more than 21 million Spanish students in the world. The USA and the United Kingdom consider the Spanish language as the most important one to learn. In Europe, the countries with the most Spanish students are France, Sweden and Denmark.

  6. The presence of the Spanish language on the Internet is also quite important. The use of this language has increased spectacularly by more than 1,400% in the last 16 years, becoming the second most used language on Facebook and Twitter.

  7. In the area of culture, Spain is among the first ten film producing countries in the world and, along with Argentina, among the first 15 book producers.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to learn or improve your Spanish. Remember that at The Pack, we offer you the possibility of doing a full language immersion in Madrid, Asturias or Sierra de Guadarrama. So learning Spanish will be a unique as well as a fun and enriching experience. Are you coming with us?

Information taken from the report: El Español, una lengua viva. Instituto Cervantes (2017)

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